2016/17 Final Faculty Meeting…

Finishing the year off a lot more confident with decision making and encouraging progress. I have spent a lot of time reading articles and watching presentations (videos) to support a modernised direction for maths education. Carol Dweck is someone that I was introduced to a few years back, promoting a growth mindset in the classroom, particularly necessary when it comes to maths. But in recent years other professional consultants include Dan Meyer, taking on 3 act math, take up time, and allowing students to think, and be inquisitive. But more importantly this year has been influenced by the work of Jo Boaler from Stanford university. With the push for a mathematics revolution, using number talks, removing the focus from speed and computational skills, with a greater focus on perseverance and thinking.  Moving from traditional teaching methods to more multidimensional classrooms, where students were each engaged in their own learning at different levels. An approach that I was unknowingly playing with when I was teaching in Australia, with the use of capacity matrices, collaboration tasks, self reflection and most importantly, student orientated learning.


Reflecting on the year, progress is off to a good start, but there is still a long way to go. Many parents and students are still very grades driven, and focused on the speed and calculations ability, not the understanding. But we will get there…

Below is the 5 strands of mathematical proficiency that has beed driving our attitudes of how to learn mathematics. Historically there has been a large focus on procedural fluency, the practice of rote learning calculations, which is still a valid skill, but as we progress into a digital world, calculations are just not enough anymore.


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